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What do you imagine?

Post by Admin on Thu May 05, 2016 12:02 am

When looking for a piece of land at the moment, what are you looking for and why? Where and with who?

When we search the web for properties at the moment, we primarily look for acreages 30 - 100+ acres. This is based on the idea that we can hopefully get 3 shares to begin with on that land. Who are the three? Don't know yet but we know we will find the people who are thinking in the same way. Ideally for us, we could each have our approx 5 acres for privacy and personal experiment, but we'd love the rest of the land to be communal sharing land. Open for whatever projects we want to take on together. Open paddocks for animals to roam etc...
We look at topography of the land, trying to stay away from flat boring flood prone pasture land. We look at distance to a major hub, ideally being no more than 45 mins away from one and the same distance from the nearest beach. Why? for employment, education, ease and enjoyment.
Where? We have been browsing all of NSW from the south coast up to Coffs Harbour region, usually inland 50kms or so. Obviously price and availability will be the main factors. We have been looking inland from Coffs near Lowanna and Nana Glen because up there is the climate that we enjoy the most. We haven't ruled out anything yet. The south coast seems to have a lot of potential with affordable properties available.


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